Wednesday, December 14, 2011

affirmation of the unexpected

73.  feeling air rushing fast into my lungs
74.  sharing donuts
75.  eight hours of sleep
76.  shortening mini-blinds without having to read the directions
77.  unexpected sunshine
78.  broken stereotypes
79.  family shenanigans
80.  scent of crayons
81.  weeping for things that shouldn't be
82.  smiles, reminding me that really, we're all the same
83.  a man affirming a woman's value in the simple act of inviting her to dance
84.  laughter of a friend, so amusing it makes me laugh, too
85.  mayonnaise
86.  emotional exhaustion
87.  slippers, comfy clothes, and ponytails
88.  remembering the times you've filled me when I was empty
89.  corn oysters and tuna cakes and meals shared with friends


  1. agreed. I used to "like miracle whip better"... but I think that was before I had ever really had mayo.