Sunday, January 15, 2012

break-ins of truth

125.  Hayden (...really all that can be said)
126.  not hurting Alfie when I ran into a concrete curb (I hope...)
127.  sleeping in
128.  being able to function upon getting up
129.  an invitation to tea
130.  affirmation that I'm not just stupid
131.  the lovely smile of the girl who took my order
132.  the VIP guys
133.  K. helping at work before she even punched in
134.  a place to go where it's warm
135.  successfully crawling in a window at the L. house
136.  random gift of sushi!
137.  snuggles from Mia
138.  Moxie's vigor for life
139.  unlocked cellar doors
140.  telling the truth

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