Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a merry kiss

90.   smiles playing at the corners of one's mouth
91.   sneezing and receiving a "bless you!" from a stranger
92.   blowing kisses
93.   snuggling with a little one
94.   kissing a doggie head
95.   smell of apples
96.   four-hour conversations at Starbucks
97.   reconnecting
98.   a gravy-faced cat
99.   fictional girlhood heroes that still ring true
100.  irrepressible laughter, tears escaping and breath gasping
101.  rosy cheeks
102.  twinkling eyes
103.  Hershey kiss wrappers accidentally-on-purpose tossed into my drinking cup
104.  prayers of thanks and hands grasped
105.  my heart, full to the brim
106.  the hopes of a new beginning

1 comment:

  1. You've got graaavy all over your face!

    "I'm sorry . . . I thought it was my sister's cup."

    I love you. And how you don't get mad about imperfection or surprise attacks.