Sunday, January 15, 2012

peppermint laughter

107.  peppermint hot chocolate
108.  my supervisor's hilarious laughter over the huge mess I made at work
109.  sharing sushi
110.  speaking the heartache
111.  driving around for over a half hour with C. so we wouldn't have to stop talking
112.  asking silly questions and laughing about it later
113.  the barista at starbucks calling me by my name (so what, he read it off my cup?)
114.  the feeling of emptiness that paradoxically reminds me of the fullness I truly have in Christ
115.  breath
116.  a downy cat tummy
117.  creme horns
118.  stretching out the tenseness
119.  so many hugs
120.  talking about life over "Chinese" with S. 
121.  dancing a love story
122.  harmonies-- thank you thank you thank you for creating these!!
123.  two CD's full of joyousness!
124.  laughing with my family

1 comment:

  1. Kels, I would ride around with you for a few more hours now if I could. And I love giving the barrista at Starbucks a fake name. Dunno why, it just makes me happy to hear them call out "Margaret?" or "Gigi?" or "Olga?" Heheh. Maybe I should start telling the truth #break-insoftruth. :)
    love you.